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Monday, August 24, 2009 . 3:07 PM

Due to random strangers spamming my tagboard and insulting my friends, I have decided to shift to a new site.
Friends who are interested to know my new blog address, let me know.

Bye to say-these-words.blogspot.com

g-ladies spoke

Sunday, August 23, 2009 . 11:21 PM

I have been questioned why I closed/deleted my blog from many people.
Firstly, random strangers are disturbing my friends and passing crude remarks about them.
Hello? This is my blog. It has nothing to do with my friends. And I seriously have no idea why are there people who are so concerned about our lives till whatever things we do, affects their own lives as well?
I mean, I'm just an ordinary girl. Infact, more ordinary than any other ordinary girls.

I'm not someone who is materialistic. I don't blog about the luxury/branded goods I bought. Infact, I don't think I own any of them?
I'm a very simpe person. I love going to coffeeshop and have carrot cake or hokkien mee or better still my favourite fishball noodles with a can of coke or china apple or my all time favourite milk tea from sweet talk.
Aunty? No life? Whatever you named me, I don't care. But please, leave my friends alone. Don't try to sow discord between us because it will never work.
My friends and I have been through so much with each other. We ourselves know one another flaws. So, quit doing what you people are trying to do.

Someone once told me this "why are you bothered about what others think? You are living for yourself and not for others"
Come to think of it, true isn't it?

Whatever it is, this site is back and alive and it will be better. :)

g-ladies spoke

Thursday, August 6, 2009 . 12:07 AM

Decided to remove the tagboard to protect the interest of my friends.
Maybe it's time to close this whole shit blog.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 . 1:49 AM

Last week's sport activity was bowling. Yay!! I manage to keep the 'do a sport weekly' activity going. :)

Pretty Victoriaaaaaa

My mungkok sister

our oh so perfect score. haha

This week activity will be Night Cycling! 7th-8th August. It'll be my first time joining such an even with school. Although this is not the first time I'm going for night cycling, I'm feeling kinda excited about it because it's the first time I'm joining such an event under school and I'm thinking whether will it be as fun as the annual night cycling with the youths.
Talking about the youths, we're going to have our annual night cycling this year during National Day. 9th-10th August! And again, I can't go. :(
I'll be at the platform cheering and shouting Happy Birthday Singapore! Oh my goodness, I just realised I have been involved in NDP since 2004. How patrotic ah! I have like a collection of passes man. hah!

So anyways, bowling was fun though I admit I suck at it.
The first few rounds, my ball kept going in to the 'long kang' but after you get the hang of it, it's kinda addictive.
Als booked the bowling alley from 7pm all the way till 10pm. We went up to his place for fellowship after that.
There were like 3 different groups that night. One group was playing guitar and singing to the beat. Another group was planning the route for the annual night cycling and I think the last group was learning how to read chinese? Yes, most of the youths in our Church has problems reading Chinese! lols.

The next day when I woke up, I spent some quiet time doing this book called Your Life in Christ - Design for Dicipleship. It's so rare to see me spending quiet time with God but the first topic of the book caught my attention and while I was reading, this sentence caught my eye - "God notices you. The fact is he can't take his eyes off you. However badly you think of yourself, God is in love with you. Some of us even fear that someday we'll do something so bad that he won't notice us anymore. Well, let me tell you. God loves you completely...and in the love of God there are no degrees, there is only love."

Wow! Amazing isn't it? After I read that sentence, I was totally lost for words. It's so true. God's love is definitely the greatest love of all. :)

I missed the annual Festival Of Praise yet again because I was rushing for assignment and I totally lost track of the time!!!
Headed town to meet E and we settled down at LJS for our dinner.
Accompanied her to zouk to get citibank chop and we went all the way to the back of the hotel, the nearby riverside to wait for the rest to arrive.

nothing to do, take photo

Matthew arrived soon after, follwed by leo and dawnie.

Matthew; the birthday boy

Look at that leo. WHAT ONLY

Just before the 1-4-1 promotion

Thanks to our dearest DAWNIE for the drinkssss

Priscila Teo. My primary school friend!!! My gosh, I was so shocked she could recognise me. She transferred to another school after P3. So you can imagine, how many years have we not met

Fyonne darling came down after her work and oh my gosh, I realised we are DEFG!

Matt's friends came as well and man, that night was great because I had the wonderful company of Dawnie, Elaine and Fyonne. Okie, and maybe leo and his other girlfriends who went missing after that.

I lost count of the number of "twist" we did that night. lols

My heels broke. Thanks WK for sacrificing your shoes. :)

The night ended off with a plate of mee goreng followed by a can of coke. And oh, Happy 21st Birthday Matt! I think this will probably be one of his most memorable birthday because he got to spend it with new friends. heehee.

Surprisingly, I was quite hyper for NDP Preview the next day.
The guys were damn shagged because after zouk, they went back home to wash up and head back straight to camp to prepare for NDP.

Our cluster celebrated our head Head Mentor's 25th birthday! Looks like every year he got to go through the same old "punishment." haha.

Sadly, Ivy couldn't join this year if not she would be up there as well

Ram and my sexy Upinder

My wonderful motivators :)

Taken last year

Missed working with Ivy :(

This is so far the BEST SFI FOOD we had

See how much we're enjoying it


And guess what? That very night, I got stalked by a very old uncle who insists on sending me home! The whole situation was damn freaking scarrrry. I was ALONE at the bus stop somemore. Gosh!
I've learnt my lesson. Never take Night Rider in a super wu lu bus stop!
What pissed me off was after waiting 45 mins for the bloody Night Rider, it zoomed pass me JUST LIKE THAT! There goes my 18 bucks on cab!! :(

And I NEED a new mouse.

g-ladies spoke

Friday, July 31, 2009 . 1:48 AM

School has already started for three weeks. How time flies!
And man, this week zooooom pass so so fast. So fast that when I looked at the calender this afternoon, I realised man....it's the end of July already.
Half a year gone just like that and it got me thinking, what have I been doing for the past 6 months?

Studying in SIM was probably one of the toughest decision I have to make in my life.
Firstly, the most important factor is none other than finance. I mean, yes, my dad has the capability of supporting my school fees and all but then again, 30K is a HUGE amount and not forgetting modules which I've failed. That's like additional 1K++.
Secondly, TO ME (this is my OWN opinion, I'm not sterotyping anybody), I feel its quite impossible for an ITE graduate to end up as a degree holder.
In my entire years of education, I'm someone who somehow do things at the very last minute. Take for example during exam period, I'll only start revising for it like 1-2weeks before? and during test week, I'll take like 1-2 days before to revise for it. I'm someone who learn things very slow and I truly admire those people who don't turn up for lectures and worse, don't revise for anything and yet end up acheiving super good results.
Maybe that explains why I ended up in ITE and feel it's quite impossible for me to become a degree holder.
Frankly speaking, what motivate me to continue studying after my diploma is actually my siblings. Yes, BOTH of them. My brother and sister.
I remembered attending my brother's convocation at SIM and also my sister's convocation at NUS few years ago and I told myself I WANT TO WEAR THAT HAT someday and enter into the working society with pride!!
But then again, can I pass the first stage? I still have three more modules from sem 1/2 to clear.
People say studying is easy as long as you put your whole heart into it to focus and concentrate. And seriously, I feel my life is in a mess now. I have zero clues on what I want.

On a total irrelvant note, after lecture today, we had project meeting to discuss on our 5000 words Buyer Behaviour project.
We were discussing on what product to do and then a friend of ours, tried to be funny by saying condoms. And I have no idea why it suddenly link to sperms. Fyonne and Kevin had a very funny conversation.
F: "Kevin, do you know you can donate your sperms?"
K: "Donate? No way man, later everybody call me daddy"
and we both started laughing. The way Kevin speaks is like as though he's rushing for a train!!!
It's my first time working with a different group of people and I hope everything will turn out fine. :)

Wednesday - shorts and the super budget day:

Fyonne dear STUDYING!!


Headed down to Savannah Condo after project meeting for bowling session with the GEL youths for their weekly outing.
My first outing with the youths and of cos, many more to come...
(pictures will be uploaded soon)
And yay, I fulfilled my weekly sports activity. Looking forward for the next. :)

Thank God It's Friday! And yes, the annual Festival Of Praise is here!!!

g-ladies spoke